In conjunction with School Holidays and Movement Restriction Order by Malaysia’s Government, Apadilangit presents a home based space science program for your kids at home. Let them learn, build and explore the amazing world of astronomy and space technology at home with Apadilangit.

Get latest activities here. Your kids will also be able to interact with us in an online video chat when we do so for some activity, with Apadilangit trainers and team members.

#StayAtHome #ApadilangitAtHome

Activities can be found down here:

Benua di Bumi

Bumi sebagai Sfera


Fasa Bulan

Ciri-ciri Bulan

Sang Mentari

Kraf Suria

DIY Sistem Suria


Cipta Logo Roket

Misi Mencari

Permainan Minda