Official logo of AASK.

The Amateur Astronomy Society of Kelantan was established officially on 2 July 2012. The organisation consists of Prof Madya Dr Mahamarowi Omar as the president and another 12 committee members. One of the objectives of this organisation is to give awareness and attract society’s interest especially Kelantan people about astronomy.

Through the construction of Kota Bharu Observatory in Salor, Kelantan, the Amateur Astronomy Society of Kelantan has actively involve in spreading the knowledge about astronomy and creating astronomy awareness among the people of Kelantan. In the cooperation of Apadilangit with the Amateur Astronomy Society of Kelantan and Kota Bharu Observatory, Apadilangit had organised few series of Kem Angkasa Cilik Mini by using the facility at the observatory and also participation from the club members. If anyone have any question or insterested to organised any astronomical programme with Kota Bharu Observatory, kindly contact them through their facebook page.