Apadilangit Space Explorer Community

Apadilangit Space Explorers (ASE) is a community program design for Malaysian children who are enthusiastic and interested with space. This community can be enrolled by kids aged 7 -12 who have participated in any Apadilangit camp such as Space Camp, Mini Space Camp, Kem Angkasa Cilik, Kem Falak and etc.

The vision of Apadilangit Space Explorers aims is to develop interest and equip its members with relevant knowledge and skills towards Malaysian space generation based on the following 3C’s which are: 




The objectives of Apadilangit Space Explorers is to:

Be an advocate for vision and mission of Apadilangit.

Form a Malaysia space generation community that will support the goals of Malaysia Space Exploration 2030 (Malaysia Space-X 2030).

Produce a generation of STEM skilled through astronomy and space technology.

Apadilangit’s Role:

Guide the ASE community in achieving ASE goals.

Provide knowledge of astronomy and space technology to the ASE community.

Apply PdP STEM and PAK21 content in teaching, learning and project assignments.

Revealing the potential of the Malaysian space career towards achieving Malaysia Space Exploration 2030 (Malaysia Space-X 2030).