Apadilangit Stargazer Community

Apadilangit Stargazers Community is a special group among Apadilangit Communities. By purchasing telescope from Apanakbeli, you are entitled to join this exclusive community. This growing community aims to serve as a support community to new telescope owner with a platform to learn and to upgrade the skill in operating telescope. 

Apadilangit Stargazers Community can be considered a network of mobile observatories among our amateur astronomers for Apadilangit.

The community is also expected to grow their knowledge in astronomy, falak and participate in Apadilangit outreach programs and events.  We encourage creative sharing, fun and engaging activities to bond the group together. 

Informative and fun activities has been conducted and planned to equip our community with skills, knowledge and tighten the relationship together. Some of the highlighted activities are :