Celik Angkasa

Have your kids ever wondered how to see the wonders of the universe? Well, ‘Celik Angkasa’ is a journey program of a lifetime. It is one of the programs by Apadilangit to promote space science to kids. This program is special for kids of age 3 to 6 years old. Through this half day program, kids are introduced with astronomy in a fun way of learning. The activities in this program will take the kids through a journey of our solar system and helping them to gain insight into it. Besides, the kids will be on tour of Planetarium exhibition and get a new exposure of the space science. Take the adventure outside of formal learning by letting your kids involve in the activities of learning the celestial objects and outer space through interactive way of learning. Furthermore, the kids are encouraged to ask any question to the speaker and facilitators and we will answered their question in an easy but understandable way. Most of our participants are curious and very excited to learn and get new experience with new friends during the Celik Angkasa program. For any enquiries, please do contact us now.

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