APadilangit citizen science

What is citizen science? Citizen science is a form of scientific research that involves members of the public in the scientific process. It refers to the participation of non-professional scientists or volunteers in scientific research, often in collaboration with professional scientists or research institutions.

Apadilangit citizen science project

Apadilangit Citizen Science is a community science project with a space theme aimed at:

1. To create awareness in citizen science project among Malaysians.

2. To increase public engagement, sense of ownership and responsibility among the public towards scientific issues mostly focus on space and environmentally issues.

3. To promote scientific literacy and understanding of science among the general public focus on space and environmentally issues.

4. To build a Malaysia scientific community that contributes in scientific research.

Overall, citizen science aims to popularise science by making it more accessible to everyone and promote a collaborative approach to scientific research and discovery.

Apadilangit wishes to encourage community involvement in space research.

Apadilangit citizen science (Galaxy Cruise)

Citizen Scientist
Galaxy Classified

Be a citizen scientist and participate in our citizen science project

Equinox and Solstice

21 – 23 March 2024

Collect your photos of the equinox and solstice. Recreate the research method on how astronomers know our Earth is tilted.

Galaxy Cruise


Help astronomers to classify galaxies using real data from the Subaru telescope by NAOJ in Hawaii

Snap Moon photos campaign

Snap and create your collection of moon photos and observe the differences

Bortle Scale

Evaluate your sky darkness rating and help preserve our starry night sky.

Asteroid search

 Be a planetary defender! Help astronomers to discover new asteroids and protect our planet.

Space Weather

Protect our precious satellites by helping astronomers to understand space weather.

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