Kem Angkasa Cilik

Kem Angkasa Cilik is a special program for children aged among 5-12 years old to explore the knowledge of science in astronomy. Participants are composed from different states and schools. Apadilangit has organized two themes in the Kem Angkasa Cilik so far.Firstly is ‘Moon’ and then ‘Stars’. Kem Angkasa Cilik started with the theme ‘moon’. The activities we are conducting are the introduction of the Moon such as shape, size, moon distance and so on. We also reveal the knowledge of the role of the moon in life. They also have the opportunity to know about the moon in the Solar System. Lasty , they can explore the Moon through the activities we provide. Through Kem Angkasa Cilik themed ‘Star’, Apadilangit reveals the knowledge of star births through activities with facilitators and video shows. Next is the exposures of the constellations such as orion, scorpius, saggitarius and others. They will also be exposed to the sun which is the closest star to the earth . The star’s death is also a knowledge that is also revealed. For the last, Apadilangit provides the activity of solar observations at the Planetarium area. Each participant will have the opportunity to observe the sun with us.


    1. Our upcoming programme will be held at MITC, Melaka in conjunction with Minggu Sains Negara. We will be organising Kem Angkasa Cilik Mini for 3 days from 15 to 17 August 2019. Kindly refer our facebook page: Apadilangit for further detail of the programme and registration. Thank you.

    1. Hi, mostly we conduct KAC in Malay language but depends on the participants. If most of the participants can understand English language well, then, we will conduct the KAC session in English language.

  1. Are they any schedhule for the next “Kem Angkasa Cilik”. Can it be sent to me.Because my son really love about outer space

    1. Hi, for the time being, we already postponed all of our Kem Angkasa Cilik program due to the outbreak of COVID-19 that occur in our country. We are planning to do an online learning course/kem angkasa cilik for students during this school break holiday. Any further updates about our program we will update in our social media. Thank you.

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