Kem Angkasa Cilik Mini

Astronomy is the mother of science. The ancient people always wondered how everything it the sky works and their origin. It is our duty to expose our children to the beauty of the outer space. Apadilangit introduce the program ‘Kem Angkasa Cilik Mini’ (KACM) to promote the space science and technology to the young generation. The focus of this program towards the age of 7 until 12 years old. Furthermore, the content of this program includes the introduction to solar system, its planet, the moon, the study of the stars and many more. The participants will also learn about the technology of the space like rocket and they will be able to build their own model of rocket. In addition, participants will also been given the opportunity to observe the sun safely through telescope with solar filters and see the see the surface of the sun with their own eyes. For any enquiries, please do contact us now.


    1. Kem Angkasa Cilik Mini terbuka untuk kanak-kanak berumur 6 – 13 tahun tetapi untuk kanak-kanak berumur 3 – 5 tahun kami ada program Celik Angkasa untuk mereka.

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