LightSound Device

LightSound device 1.0 was first develop by a group of researcher from Harvard University under the grant from International Astronomical Union (IAU). The LightSound 1.0 was being used during the Total Solar Eclipse 2017. Later on, LightSound 2.0 was introduced in 2019 with few improvise to make it much better. The LightSound device never been used for Annular Solar Eclipse phenomenon. Therefore, Apadilangit; Universe Awareness Malaysia, took the initiatives to construct 5 of them to be used for Annular Solar Eclipse in Malaysia.

This device is very useful not only to the visual impaired people but also normal people to hear and feel the celestial phenomenon. Apadilangit; Universe Awareness Malaysia received an excellent help with collaboration from Manager of Harvard University Astronomy Lab Dr Bieryla, Dr Wanda and the other team members. Throughout the construction of the device, Apadilangit; Universe Awareness Malaysia received funding from the International Science Council Regional Office for Asia Pacific under the Director Datuk Seri Prof Emerita Dr. Mazlan Othman. This project also get a collaboration from the National Planetarium.

Encouragement from Datuk Seri Prof Emerita Dr. Mazlan Othman to build the LightSound device for Malaysia.

Wanda Diaz (right) from South African observatory’s Office of Astronomy for Development, Dr. Beatriz García from Argentina. Hafez Murtza and Amirul Hazim and Dr Erika Labbe Waghorn (left) from Chile. Dr Erika was the coordinator for LightSound program during the Total Solar Eclipse in Argentina. Not in the picture was Dr. Allyson Bieryla Manager for Astronomy Lab, Harvard University .

Hafez Murtza giving explanation about the LightSound device to the audiences during the SolarFest at Tanjung Piai, Johor, Malaysia on 26 December 2019.

Amirul Hazim and Hafez Murtza with the LightSound device on SolarFest site. The second picture Hafez Murtza (middle) with Director of National Planterium, Anita Bahari (left) and Hezzry (right) the emcee during the SolarFest event and DJ from KL fm.

Feedback from teachers and students about LightSound Device.

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