Apadilangit provide numbers of services which are :


Space is an exciting gateway to introduce STEM and Global Citizenship. We organize numbers of space education to inspire our generation. We want to empower our society with the amazing of space for the future of our nation.


The world is rapidly evolve in field of science and technology especially space technology. Bridging space science to the public is our aim so that the excitement about space discovery and technology can be shared to all. Therefore the benefits can be obtained.


Explore the universe from the comfort of your home/backyard. Get your 1st and very own telescope from the variety of our collection. Either you a beginner or semi professional, we provide telescope you need.


Ever wonder to have the experience of a billion stars vacation ranking more than 5 stars hotel ranking? Join Apadilangit Astro-Tourism as we guide you to explore the amazing universe. During certain season, we will bring you to observe the Milkyway galaxy.

Digital Solutions

Era of digitalization is here!! We are keen to provide digital solutions for anyone who needed them. We provide website services, e-commerce website, designing poster, marketing platform to expand your business and many more. You named it.