This program has been implemented several times although its name remains the same but there are some differences in terms of purpose and are not lagging in terms of improvement. So this time, Space and Science Camps were done for secondary school students. Space4STEM focuses on space science applications in school syllabus from Form 1 to Form 5. Additionally, discussions on space technology now and in the future are also in place to unlock the participants’ minds. Then, solar observation and Planetarium exploration aimed to enable participants to understand it practically not just stick to the theory alone. They also learn to understand the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematic) in space science. Last but not least, they also have the opportunity to know the local University with Science Science and Space Applications as a result of the Panelist Invitation of university lecturers in the aerospace field. If there are thoughts or questions from our minds like how to encourage interest in science in children? or how to learn and know about space? Participants can directly ask the panelist. This will spark participants’ interest to learn about the opportunities of space technology education and space science in Malaysia and indirectly make them more competitive and innovative.

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